Yogi Description


Have you ever wondered what the future holds–truly holds? We are not talking about just a horoscope reading, but an adventure deep within the soul to find your true destiny.

Is this possible?  Can it happen?

What if you could get the advice of “one” who has spent his life pursuing an understanding of spiritual cycles that influence each person’s life? What could you learn from a wise being who has spent a lifetime practicing a discipline of meditation and developing the ability to reach physical release?

What we offer is this exact journey.  This is an expedition that will help you discover the life path to pure being, pure intelligence and pure delight. This voyage will take you to the lands of what has happened in your past and combine it with your future to enable you to make the most of what you have right where you are, while allowing you to build on what is coming next by preparing you for what will unfold before your very eyes.

Most of us cannot afford to travel to the far reaches of the earth to gain an audience with a true Yogi. Now you do not have to try. Thanks to technology, you have an unusual and exciting opportunity to consult with an Indian wise being who will share the knowledge you need to gain the confidence to live life to its fullest and to improve your passage forward.

From darkness, you can find the light. From the unreal, you can find the real. In a hectic world where there seems to be little time for inner reflection, you have an opening to find the conduit that will empower you to utilize your special qualities and unique talents to improve your relationship within the world.

You are now being offered an chance to share in the songs of knowledge enshrined in Veda. You can access the knowledge you need to set your route on a direction pointed towards self-actualization with a sense of calm, a notion of attainment in reaching a goal, and the influence to reach your destiny. This is not just about mystical knowledge. The lane to success requires action because you have work to be done and a purpose to fulfill. The Yogi reading is only a starting point, giving you a foundation for continued expansion.

If you choose to continue accessing guidance, our program provides astrological-based readings which rely on 5,000-year-old Atharva Veda writings that serve as an ‘eye’ into the past, on the present, and into the future.

Based on the precise movements of the planets and forecasted celestial events, the complex analysis uses a variety of Indian charts to create the bridge from personal limitation to boundlessness. Calculations blend thousands of years of mathematical efforts by Gurus to precisely calculate planetary movements and to forecast natural events into the future.

The predictions are unique to you and cover the many components of your life – love, home, career, education, future success and much more. The package also includes a module for Gemfinder which represents the association of gems with plants to unlock their therapeutic qualities.

You now have a choice: An offer to consult with the venerable Yogi for $99.99 or not. It is your life…your choice…your destiny. We can only bring the chance to the table. The rest is up to you…

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