Wine Bottle Painting                                     $99.99

Have a blast and learn new skills with Mind, Body & Soul. This 4 -hour interactive class room session where attendees will get to discover their creative sustainability side through exotic music and channeling thought into the ornate art of melted glass painting. Luxuriate in inspiring delight and feast on succulent fruit, cheese and crackers, while enjoying instruction of this fine Asian talent.

2 Hour Course, BYOB

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Yogi                                                             $99.99

Have you ever wondered what the future holds–truly holds? We are not talking about just a horoscope reading, but an adventure deep within the soul to find your true destiny.

Is this possible?  Can it happen?

What we offer is this exact journey.  This is an expedition that will help you discover the life path to pure being, pure intelligence and pure delight. This voyage will take you to the lands of what has happened in your past and combine it with your future to enable you to make the most of what you have right where you are, while allowing you to build on what is coming next by preparing you for what will unfold before your very eyes.

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